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See Europe, Asia and the Black Sea with our most popular Bosphorus & Black Sea Tour. Discover the impressive sights along the shores of the Bosphorus, the waterway that divides Europe and Asia. Accompanied by our professional tour guide, you’ll also have the chance to get off the boat and explore some of the most beautiful sites. Leave the stress and traffic of the city center behind. Relax and enjoy the blue sky, a refreshing breeze, and take in some of Istanbul’s most impressive and inspiring sites. Enjoy a delicious lunch on the boat. We offer grilled chicken and meatballs accompanied by delicious Turkish ‘mezzes’. If you prefer, ask about our vegetarian options. Beer and wine are available for an additional charge. You’ll find that our Full Day Bosphorus cruise is one of the most satisfying, relaxing and fun experiences you’ll have in Istanbul. Book your tour now and find out why people say Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is the only cruise that takes you as far as to the Black Sea…

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Tour Programe

  • Kabatas Depart 09:00 / 09:15
  • Ortakoy Arrive 09:50 – Depart 10:40
  • Kucuksu Place Arrive 11:15 – Depart 12:15
  • Rumeli Fortress Arrive 12:45 – Depart 13:45
  • Lunch Service on the Boat
  • Poyrazkoy Arrive 15:15 – Depart 16:15
  • Kabatas Arrive 17:45
  • Note: Kucuksu Place Replace with Maidens Tower on Monday – Thursday Rumeli Fortress is closed on Wednesday and replace with Maidens Tower
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    Total Price: €30 EURO